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December 27, 2018

Facebook latest Tips and Tricks 2019

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Facebook latest Tips and Tricks

Facebook is the place where we can cheat form your friends and relations. Here people share his daily moment and some crazy videos. Facebook is the largest platform in social media where you can cheat from your friend in anywhere in the world but, the main thing is to secure and safe so, here we share some latest tips and tricks related to the facebook which is useful for you... 
facebook tips and tricks

Add Some Extra Security

It's a good idea to throw in some extra layers of security on your Facebook account. No, do not worry that someone will break into your account and start the Buzzfeed article "Likes" like crazy. But be concerned that someone can use the information they receive to steal your identity and send malware-fought links to friends or/or groups.

There are three smart things to save yourself, which you will find under Settings> Security and Login:

1) Enable two-factor authentication. Applying 2 FAs to all your accounts is a good idea. This means that if someone wants to access your account on a new device, they will also need access to your phone.
2) Get alerts about unrecognized logins. If someone login to your account with an unfamiliar device or browser, then Facebook will tell you.
3) If you get locked then nominate 3-5 trusted contacts. Trustworthy contacts are Facebook friends who can safely help you to gain access to your account. If you forget your password or lose your mobile device - or a dishonest person breaks down and decides to lock you is. Remember, if you do not trust them now, you can always change your trusted contacts later

Edit Your Ad Preferences

Do you hate any celebrities or personalities on Facebook? Some time ago, I had previously given a follower to Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. I was just curious about anything. But then I saw that advertising on Facebook feed started ... Change Come on, just say, I started receiving advertisements for things that were not really interested in me.

The Facebook business is built around the market to provide detailed information on the interests of its users, which alters Facebook algorithms on other things as well as actively following the celebrities and personalities. However, if you prefer something on Facebook that is slightly below your normal media diet, then you also have the ability to keep your advertising experience in check.

To curate your ads, go to Settings> Advertising> Your interests. You can remove just one interest by killing X to remove the right of each interest. Under the "Advertisers with whom you have spoken" tab, you will see all advertisers whose ads you have clicked and/or your information provided; Do not like anyone here with high bias which you do not like.

Under the "Which website or app you have used" and "You have seen" sub-tab, you can also choose to stop seeing ads completely from a particular advertiser. Unfortunately, you can not just "remove all"

Block Facebook Mobile Browser Tracking

You can not get out of tracking completely on Facebook, but you can take action on the web surfing personally. Opt out of Digital Advertising Coalition through a special third-party site. (You can run Adblocker Plus or other similar software before going to that link.) Follow the guidelines, and be sure to click on the box next to Facebook and you can go about your internet business without third Party advertiser your dizziness

See All Your Friend Requests, Ever

Have you asked all those people to be your friends who ignored or removed your request? Facebook keeps an eye on it Click the friend request icon (two people in Silhouette) on top of the Facebook page. You will see a list of suggested: "people you know". Click the "View All" link below. On the next page, click on "View Sent Request" under New Friend Requests (say you have no one). Then you get a list of people who hate you. Or maybe they can not see Facebook so much. Probably both.

Turn Off Autoplay Videos

Hate when a video starts without you playing? Kill that "feature" Go to Settings> Video and turn off auto-play video. state. you will not regret. If you do it on the desktop, it also turns off auto-play on your mobile devices, and vice versa.

14 Send Money Through Facebook

In the digital era, there are many services that will allow you to transfer money from your computer or mobile device, such as PayPal, Wenmo, Apple Pay and even Facebook (unless the sender and receiver have a valid debit card). Apart from this (and perhaps more interested in Facebook), these payments allow users to purchase products and purchase in-game on social networks.

Although this feature is heavily linked to Facebook Messenger, you can use it on regular Facebook too. To set it up, go to Settings> Payments> Account Settings to enter a debit card. Once accepted, you can send / and send money to another user via Messenger.

To use this feature on, open a pop-up conversation with one of your contacts (accessible through the new message icon (via the lower right-hand corner of your screen or via the new party's Messenger link) Top rail). Click the dollar sign ($) in a circle below the chat window to send/request money. Cha Ching!

Transfer Files Over Facebook Messenger

If you open the Facebook Messenger window - there is a small paper clip icon () with short-down on This allows you to add files-uploads it and sends the file directly to your computer. The receiver can simply click on the included link and download from there. Of course, never download anyone from a person you do not know. (On, the icon looks like a heap of pictures; Add files Hover over it to see the designation.)

Upload '360' Pics and Vids

You've probably seen the occasional immersive "360" degree photos (and some videos) popping up in your Facebook feed. On the desktop version, viewers can explore a field of vision in all directions using their mouse or keyboard. On mobile, users can pivot their device to look all around. It's not just for specialists—you also have the opportunity to upload your own 360-degree images and video. Use your smartphone to capture a panorama picture or "photosphere" and upload it to Facebook—the social network does the rest to make it easily visible to your friends.

Drive traffic to Facebook

If you are just starting, tell your current audience where you are. Chances are they are also on Facebook. Find more page choices on Facebook by following a follow up or stock button on your website or blog code. Go ahead and include links to your Facebook page on your other social media platforms.

And do not forget the real world: Your Facebook page URL should also be included in the business card and promotional material.

Schedule your posts

Continuous, quality posting will keep your audience engaged, but it is difficult to leave everything twice a day to create a smart, smooth, entertaining post with beautiful scenes. Especially when your target audience is away from many time zones. One of the best Facebook Hacks is to create some posts at the same time and they are already in line to use the Schedule Post button.

 Reply instantly with a bot

Response time is important when talking to people on Facebook Messenger. Facebook's Response Assistant will provide greeting text about sending messages to anyone on your page. It can also send immediate feedback to any incoming messages, so that people will know that you will be with them.

Click Settings
Click the message in the left column
Under the response assistant
To send an instant reply to any person who sent the message to your page, toggle the bar in Yes
Or toggle the bar in Yes to show Messenger greeting
Click Replace
Write your favorite message
Click Save

3. Convert the curious

Sending large invitations like your page can be a bit impersonal, or worse, spamming. Take the time to prepare a message that explains why someone wants to pay attention and wants to stay in touch.

Even better: you can easily invite those who have already liked one of their posts like the next step and your page.

To do this, simply click on the list of names below the post. In the window, scroll down and click the invitation button as needed. Do not be ashamed: These people have already shown support and interest in whatever you are doing.

October 09, 2018

Best tips to get good quality smartphone photos

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click good quality photos

Best  tips to get good quality smartphone photos

The smartphone is the most common form of the camera used today, and it is easy to see why: they are compact, most people always have one with them, and many people can take opponent standalone points and shoot cameras.

To help you take the best photos with your phone, we have Nine simple tips that we use every day. With this knowledge, you will be able to prepare some horrible shots from a considerable amount of time despite continuous improvement of the camera platform.

Adjust focus and exposure

good quality smartphone photos
Smartphone cameras have come a long way in time, and most of the handsets now give you some control over the focus and exposure of your shot. If manual focus is available, then it is usually activated with a tap on the screen, at the point where you want to focus the camera.

Also, check in settings for your phone's camera app. If you get the face recognition option, it will automatically turn to zero on the face, so you can help avoid shots where your friend's face is blurry.

Then there is exposure, or how much light is allowed in the frame. In the Default iPhone Camera app (shown above), you can tap to focus once, then hold and drag to adjust the exposure. This is a similar story in the Camera app for Stock Android: Tap once for the focus, then you can adjust the exposure through the slider that pops up on the edge of the screen or at the top. For more tips on night photography, see this guide to catch astronomical objects in the night sky.

Know Your Auto Mode

Knowing that automatic shooting mode for your smartphone camera work can help you take good pictures. Take the time to learn when it uses high ISO, when it uses long shutter speed and adjusts how you take photos accordingly. It specifically helps to know when auto mode conflicts happen, because you can then decide to override the appropriate settings.

Use HDR mode

HDR mode for good quality photos

HDR, or High Dynamic Range, is now a key feature for smartphone camera applications. Simply put, this expands from the darkest and lightest parts of your picture and makes a better balance of colors overall. The negativity is that, in HDR mode, photos take a while to process, while your smartphone does all this work.

This is especially suitable for landscape and picture shots, especially when there is a wide range between the darkest and lightest parts of your photo. Since it takes a few milliseconds to take a snap, you should use it when it comes to fast moving topics or when you can not keep your phone steady.

Whatever your make and phone model is, you should see "HDR mode" at a prominent place anywhere on the screen. There is also the possibility that you can set it to kick it on automatically (like Android, above stock), which means that the HDR mode will be activated whenever the camera feels this. You can also manually turn the HDR mode on and off.

Use Good Posture

An important way to reduce the haze is to know how to hold a smartphone camera in a steady way. Holding your hands outside or away from your body can do more during photography. Carrying your elbows on the edges of your body where there may be necessary stability, where essentially the smartphone can relax on the stationary object.

If you want the right stability, it is possible to get a tripod attachment so that you can slot your smartphone. You will probably see some tripods about using a tripod with your phone and with your phone, but we have seen and achieved some fantastic shots with a tripod in hand. Tripods are especially useful if your smartphone does not include blur-reducing optical image stabilization (OIS) in the camera, or if there is a manual mode that supports exposure photography for long periods of time.

Use natural light where possible

nutural light

Lite is one of the most important factors in any photo. If you can use available natural light, you will have to resort to the built-in flash of your phone (which can give you at least ideal results, especially at a distance).

If you can, give your subjects the status so that they burn well from the front and there is no silhouette from a strong light from the rear. Of course, it is not always possible for quick shots, but do whatever you can.

Using artificial lighting can also work, however you need to take extra care. In one night's view, for example, to stand close to the shadows of your friends in the shadows of artificial light, and make sure their faces are as light as possible. Using Flash can be helpful, but if you have the time, try a shot with flash and without seeing a difference.


The last part of the puzzle which often prevents the captured picture with a smartphone from actually seeing it is a post-processing step. All details and necessary information have been captured, but it can not be as alive as you were later, or in the form of sharp, or beautiful.

It's easy to fix: Chuck the photo in an editing program like a lighter on your computer, or even use an app on the device and start playing around. After transferring some sliders and keeping some boxes, the results can surprise you and your friends.

Install a third-party camera app

If you have never gone beyond your phone's default camera app, you might be surprised how many third-party options there are. They give you access to additional settings, different features and bundles of filters to see your mobile photos the best.

For example, take a manual for iOS, which lets you control shutter speed, ISO, white balance and more. AfterLight for iOS and Android gives you access to the same sets of Pro Pro Tools with a group of impressive filters.

Speaking of filters, Instagram is not just a social network for iOS and Android (above). It can change your small photographs with two taps in the works of art. This app now includes many edits and tweaking tools in addition to filters, making it one of the best photo-taking apps.

Know When to Use Portrait Mode

portrait mode

The final tip is related to portrait mode, which has become more common in the last year. Portrait mode attempts to simulate a wide background haze, or 'Bokey', which is available with DSLR cameras with wide aperture lenses. In many cases, it is achieved through an additional sensor which provides in-depth information, though phones like Google Pixel 2 can emulate Bokeh without smart edge detection and without additional hardware.

Since portrait mode is the regional simulation of shallow depth rather than real deal, so they have problems associated with them. Edge detection is not always right, so many times when you capture a photo and the areas are blurred that should not be. For the second time, the mist does not look natural, or a realistic lens looks closer to Gaussian mist than the mist. The key to capturing good photos using portrait mode is knowing that when the portrait mode is likely to succeed, and when it will struggle.

October 07, 2018

Root Android Phones for different-different mobile platform in 4 way

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How to Root Android Phones

Rooting your Android phone gives you more access to your operating system, allowing higher level of optimization. Since there is so much variety in Android phones, there is no rooting method that will work for every phone or every version of Android. To get started, you will need to download the appropriate rooting software for your phone model (most of them are for Windows only), enable USB debugging on the phone, and configure your USB drivers on your computer. Be sure to backup your data before rooting.
how to root smartphones

Rooting Samsung Galaxy S/Edge Phones

root galaxy phones

Step 1:
Go to "About Settings> About" on your phone. The "menu" button is below the settings menu.
Note: These steps are specially written for the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge models, but possibly as long as you download the right CF Auto Root file for your phone model, work for the previous Galaxy S model will do.
Step 2:
Tap "Build Number" 7 times. This will enable developer options on your phone
Step 3:
Go back to "Settings" and tap "Developer". This menu option appears after enabling Developer Mode and has a list of developers and debugging options that are usually hidden.
Step 4:
Select "OEM unlock". This setting will allow you to root your phone. 
Step 5:
Install and open Odin on your computer. Odin is specially designed to rooting Samsung phones, but is only available for Windows.

  • This software can also be used to root an older model like the Galaxy S6, but you will need to download the appropriate AutoRoot file.

Step 6:
Download and Install Samsung USB Driver It is necessary to use the phone's USB debugging options on your computer.
Step 7:
Download and extract the S or Edge chainfire Autoroot file. Right-click the .zip file and select "Extract". The extracted file will have the .tar.md5 extension.

  • If you are rooting the old Galaxy S Phone, then search the CF AutoRight site for the right autoroot file for your specific model. Using the right autoroot file is very important to prevent damage to your phone.

Step 8:
Hold the Home, Power, and Volume Down buttons together on your phone. After a few moments, the phone will enter the download mode.
Step 9:
ODIN is running, while your phone is connected to your computer via USB and your phone is in download mode. After a few moments, Odin will display "Added Message" which indicates that the connection between phone and Odin is working.
Step 10:
Click "AP". You will be asked to browse to use the file.
Step 11:
Select the extracted AutoRoot file that ends in .tar.md5.
Step 12:
Press Start. The rooting process will start Your phone will reboot into the whole process and then it will boot in Android when it's finished.

Rooting a Nexus Phone

Step 1:
Turn on your phone and connect your phone to your computer via USB.
Step 2:
Install and open the Nexus Root Toolkit on your computer. The Nexus root toolkit can be used to unlock and root a Nexus device. On launch, you will be asked for your phone model and Android OS version.
Step 3:
Select your phone model from the drop-down menu.

  • If you are unsure, go to "Settings> About Phone" on your phone. The model is listed under "Model Number".

Step 4:
Choose the version of Android that you are currently running from the second drop-down menu.

  • If you are unsure, go to "Settings> About Phone" on your phone. Sections will show you the exact information you need to select "Android version" and "build number".

Step 5:
Press Apply. To enable USB debugging mode you will be taken to a window with exact instructions.
Step 6:
Go to "Settings> About Phone" on your phone. The "About Phone" setting is below the page.
Step 7:
Tap "Build Number" 7 times. On the "About Phone" page is about "About Phone" page. After the 7th tap, you will see a message informing your developer mode is enabled.
Step 8:
Go back to "Settings" and tap "Developer". This menu option appears after enabling Developer Mode and has a list of developers and debugging options that are usually hidden.
Step 9:
Select "USB debugging" and press "OK". You will see a prompt to allow debugging access from the computer in which you are connected.
Step 10:
Select "Always allow from this computer" and press "OK".
Step 11:
Press "OK" in the Nexus window of the Nexus Root Toolkit. The program will automatically detect the dependencies needed to root your phone.
Step 12:
Press "Update all file dependencies + Update" and then press "Continue" The dependency will be downloaded and you will be taken to the main Nexus Root Toolkit interface.
Step 13:
For instructions on configuring your drivers, press "Full Driver Installation Guide". The steps will vary depending on your current driver setup. If you have previously connected another Android phone to your computer, you will need to uninstall an old driver, then the Nexus Root Toolkit will recommend and provide the driver installation kit to match your setup.
Step 14:
Press "Backup" to save the data you want to keep (optional). It will open a menu with various backup options, such as contacts, SMS or app data. Each button will provide specific instructions for data backup on your computer.
Step 15:
Press "unlock". This will unlock the bootloader, so you can root the device. Note: This process will erase all data on your phone, so make sure that you have made a backup of whatever you want to keep.
Step 16:
Press "Root". The Nexus root toolkit will route your device and automatically install SuperSU root software. When the process is completed then your phone will be rooted!
Step 17:
Press "Restore" This will open a window with various restoration options that match the backup options. Press each option to restore from the backup you created.

Rooting Phones with WinDroid Toolkit

Step 1:
To make sure that you can use WinDroid Toolkit with your phone, see the device compatibility list.
Step 2:
Connect your phone to your computer via USB.
Step 3:
Go to "Settings> About Phone" on your phone. The "About Phone" setting is below the page.
Step 4:
Tap "Build Number" 7 times. On the "About Phone" page is about "About Phone" page. After the 7th tap, you will see a message informing you that developer mode is enabled.
Step 5:
Go back to "Settings" and tap "Developer". This menu option appears after enabling Developer Mode and has a list of developers and debugging options that are usually hidden.
Step 6:
Select "USB debugging" and press "OK". You will see a prompt to allow debugging access from the computer in which you are connected.
Step 7:
Select "Always allow from your computer" and press "OK".
Step 8:
Download and open the WinDroid Toolkit on your computer. After launch, you will be asked to download ADB if it is not already on your computer.
This program is currently only for Windows.
Step 9:
Click to download ADB (Android Debug Bridge). If you already have ADB installed then this prompts will not be visible. After installing ADB driver, a list of supported devices will appear.
Step 10:
Select your phone brand. The list will expand to display supported models.
Step 11:
Choose your model. After selecting your model, Winroot Toolkit will automatically download the recovery image and will autoroot files to your phone. Once the download is complete you will be taken to the main interface. 

  • In the lower left corner is the indicator of your online status. If you lose connection at some point, press "Refresh" in the lower right corner to return online.

Step 12:
In the descending order, click on the option (s) to appear in the "Unlock Bootloader" column. The buttons you see here will vary depending on the phone you unlock (for example, "Request unlock" or "Get token ID"). WinRoot Toolkit will provide instructions on how to prepare the phone to unlock.
Step 13:
Click "Unlock Bootloader". This button runs to unlock your bootloader to download and run Winroot Toolkit automatically.
Unlocking your bootloader will erase data on your phone. Make sure you back up any data you want to keep before doing this.
Step 14:
Click on the option that appears under the "Flash Recovery" header. This option will vary depending on the phone you are flashing (for example, "Flash TWRP"). It will automatically reboot your phone into fastboot mode and install the recovery image. Upon completion, you will be asked to reboot your phone.
Step 15:
Click "Yes" to reboot your phone. Winroot Toolkit will reboot your phone using ADB.
Step 16:
Click on "Flash SuperSU" in the "Benefit Route" column. A window will appear that tells you to verify that you want to start the rooting process.
Step 17:
Click "Yes". The Winroot Toolkit will automatically transfer the SuperSU autoroot file to your phone and it will boot into the recovery image.
Step 18:
Install SuperSU from Recovery. Depending on which recovery is being used, buttons may vary. Once installed, a notification will appear in the Winroot Toolkit that the root was successful and to reboot your phone.

  • For example, with TRWP Recovery, press "Install", then select SuperSU file and swipe "Confirm Flash" to enable SuperSU on your phone.

Step 19:
Reboot your phone. Your phone will boot in Android OS with root access!

Rooting Other Android Phones
Step 1:
Find XDA platform for your phone model. The XDA platform is a collective of Android developers who create ways to route different phones. Search for "Jump to Header" and click on your phone's brand name. Then search for your phone model for specific instructions on how to root your phone.
Step 2:
Get acquainted with Android SDK (Software Development Kit) and ADB (Android Debug Bridge) tools. These tools use your computer's command line and are essential for unlocking and rooting some new phones like HTC 10 or Moto X net.
Android SDK is also the most common tool for routing an Android phone from a Mac.
Step 3:
Route for old phones using the 'one-click' software. Programs like Towelroot or KINGROOT can be used to route some older phone models running Android 4.4 or older. Check each phone to make sure your phone model is supported by software.
October 03, 2018

Stress|Stress means, stress symptoms and chronic stress

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|Stress  means, stress symptoms and chronic stress
 Stress isn't continually unhealthy in tiny quantities. It will assist you to perform struggling and encourage you to try and do your best. however, once you square measure perpetually running in emergency mode, your mind and body pay the worth. If you regularly begin feeling helpless and rotten, it is time to require action to balance your nervous system. you'll be able to keep yourself safe - and you're feeling however you're feeling and what you're feeling - establish these symptoms and symptoms of frequent stress symptoms and cut back harmful effects. Take steps to try and do

Stress  means

  • Stress is that the thanks to answering any form of demand or danger of your body. once you perceive the danger, whether or not it's real or notional, the body's safety comes during a quick, automatic method in high referred to as "fight-or-flight" reaction or "stress reaction".
  • Stress is that the thanks to defending the body whereas operating properly, it helps you keep centered, energetic and alert. In emergency things, stress will save your life, as an example, you'll be able to offer further strength to defend yourself, or to encourage you to clap on a possibility to avoid the accident.
  • Stress can even assist you to grow within the face of challenges. What will it keep you at your toes throughout a presentation at work, once you throw the game-winning free making an attempt, or once you wish to observe TV, you'll be able to drive to review for the test. however, on the far side an exact purpose, the strain stops being useful and causes nice damage to your health, your mood, your productivity, your relationships, and therefore the quality of your life.

Stress  means, stress symptoms and chronic stress

The effects of chronic stress

1.Your nervous system isn’t excellent at distinctive between emotional and physical threats. If you’re super stressed over Associate in the Nursing argument with an admirer, a piece point, or a mountain of bills, your body will react even as powerfully as if you’re facing a real life-and-death state of affairs. and therefore the additional your emergency stress system is activated, the better it becomes to trigger and therefore the tougher it becomes to shut off.

2.If you tend to induce stressed frequently—as several folks kill today’s hard to please world—your body is also in a very heightened state of stress most of the time. which will cause serious health issues. Chronic stress disrupts nearly every system in your body. It will suppress your system, upset your biological process and generative systems, increase the danger of coronary failure and stroke, and speed up the aging method. It will even wire the brain, going you a lot of liable to anxiety, depression, and different psychological state issues.

Health issues caused by stress include:

  • Depression and anxiety
  • Pain of any kind
  • Sleep issues
  • Autoimmune diseases
  • Digestive issues
  • Skin conditions, like the disease of the skin
  • Heart illness
  • Weight issues
  • Reproductive problems
  • Thinking and memory issues

Symptoms of stress

  • Stress affects you in additional than a method. This undoubtedly affects your brain.
  • It will interfere in your life and disrupt your daily activities.
  •  Convergence, weak memory, changes in dietary habits are one amongst its main symptoms.
  •  It offers rise to several serious mental disorders like depression, anxiety, emotional disorder, etc.
  • Increasing emotional reactions - To be a lot of cries or sensitive or aggressive.
  • If you're researching a really nerve-wracking scenario then you become inactive and begin doing less work. It conjointly affects the progress of your work.
  • You get distracted terribly simply. You perpetually live underneath concern of unknown there's lack of motivation, dedication, and self-worth which will have an effect on your relationships.
  • You separate yourself from people. individuals begin brooding about suicide.
  • Not solely this, because of excessive stress on your mind, health disorders like polygenic disorder, high blood pressure, hair fall, arthritis, respiratory drawback, heartbeat, less immunity, skin issues etc.
  • Stress will create your life terribly troublesome, still as several negative effects on health

Improving your habit to handle stress

  1. Get moving. Upping your activity level are a few things you'll do immediately to assist relieve stress and begin to feel higher. Regular exercise will carry your mood and function a distraction from worries, permitting you to interrupt out of the cycle of negative thoughts that feed stress. metrical exercises like walking, running, swimming, and diversion area unit significantly effective, particularly if you exercise advertently (focusing your attention on the physical sensations your expertise as you move).
  2. Connect to others. the straightforward act of talking face-to-face with another human will trigger hormones that relieve stress once you feel agitated or insecure. Even simply a short exchange of kind words or a friendly look from another person will facilitate calm and soothe your systema nervosum. So, pay time with folks that cause you to feel sensible and don’t let your responsibilities keep you from having a social life. If you don’t have any shut relationships, or your relationships area unit the supply of your stress, build it a priority to make stronger and additional satisfying connections.
  3. Engage your senses. Other quick thanks to relieving stress are by partaking one or additional of your senses—sight, sound, taste, smell, touch, or movement. The secret's to seek out the sensory input that works for you. will be attentive to associate rise song cause you to feel calm? Or smelling ground coffee? or even foreplay associate animal works quickly to create you're feeling centered? everybody responds to sensory input a bit otherwise, thus experiment to seek out what works best for you.
  4. Learn to relax. You can’t utterly eliminate stress from your life, however, you'll management what proportion it affects you. Relaxation techniques like yoga, meditation, and deep respiratory activate the body’s relaxation response, a state of inertia that's the polar opposite of the strain response. once practiced frequently, these activities will scale back your everyday stress levels and boost feelings of joy and serenity. They conjointly increase your ability to remain calm and picked up struggling
  5. Eat a healthy diet. The food you eat will improve or worsen your mood and have an effect on your ability to deal with life’s stressors. intake a diet filled with processed and food, refined carbohydrates, and honeyed snacks will worsen symptoms of stress whereas intake a diet made in contemporary fruit and vegetables, high-quality macromolecule, and polyunsaturated fatty acid fatty acids, will assist you higher deal with life’s ups and downs.

October 02, 2018

Migraine|Symptoms and treatment of migraine

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A  form of headache that is repeated or frequent is called migraine. Migraine is also called colloquial. Migraine is a sharp headache, which usually comes with sensory warning signs. People appear to have signs such as bright light, blind spot, tingling in hands and feet, nausea, vomiting and lightening and increased sensitivity by voice. The headache pain of migraine can last from a few hours to several days.

Symptoms of migraine

  • There may be complaints like nausea, diarrhea, and vomiting during migraine headache. Due to this, the food reaches late in the small intestine. That is, it starts to adversely affect the digestive tract.
  • At the same time during the migraine, the blood flow also becomes slow, causing the hands and feet to fall cold.
  • Medium to severe pain, usually limited to one side of the head but is capable of being on either side of the head
  • Pain is increasing during physical activity or when stress is occurring
  • Feeling sick and physically vomit
  • Increased sensitivity of light and sound, relieved quietly in a dark room lying.

Causes of Migraine

 1. Hormonal Imbalance

 Hormonal imbalance in women which occurs during the menstrual cycle. If a headache, especially migraine headache or a severe headache, occurs every month in a cyclic fashion, which is related to your menstrual cycle, which is related to hormonal balance in your system. If it happens at the same time every month, then it is very classical for a headache due to hormonal imbalances. 

2. Low thyroid

 They may also be due to low thyroid, a hypothyroid condition, where a person does not have sufficient active thyroid within his body cells - can not generate enough energy - and this may cause some swelling, some Mucus formation, and it can affect the brain. As the brain flows, you can get serious headaches, and this may be the cause of migraine headaches: less thyroid status.

3. Lack of magnesium

Another common cause of migraine headache is the lack of magnesium. Magnesium is a natural mineral that requires a healthy cellular process and biochemical processes in cells. Low magnesium may cause migraine headaches because, when a person has low magnesium, they can get the spam of their arteries. It can happen in their brain, and when this happens, it causes headache, severe headache.

4.Food allergies

 Another problem may be food sensation or food allergies. food allergies causes the release of histamine in the system, which can cause arterial spasm in the brain. This can cause headache,It is not uncommon for individuals to be allergic to one specific or many food items that can remove headache. Some people get it after drinking

5. Yeast growing

We see another problem with the yeast growing. Those who have yeast problems, they can usually be recurrent and chronic headaches. Yeast occurs when a person takes antibiotics because they are infected, and those antibiotics have not only killed abnormal bacteria but also healthy bacteria in the intestine. They grow yeast, so yeast creates toxic substances, which can cause some severe and weak headaches.

6. Stress can cause migraine 

 In addition, stress can cause migraine headaches. When people are in stress, their adrenal glands produce high levels of adrenaline. When they are in stress, we get a crowd of adrenaline - be very worried. It can cause racism - arterial dizziness - and this can lead to migraine headache.

Home made teatment

  • After migraine, grind cinnamon with water and apply diluted on the forehead. Remove the lip after drying it. Headache will be stopped after applying 3-4 coating.
  • Massaging the head in the migraine, dip the camphor in ghee and massage it with a light hand on the head for some time.
  • Mixing sugar in a butter, chew chewing tobacco also provides relief in migraine.
  • Migrating the lemon peel, putting it on the forehead, removes migraines.
  • Having a headache in migraine , listening to music in slow voices is very beneficial. To get relief from pain, listen to your favorite songs in a closed voice in the closed room, reduce headache and get relief from a migraine.
  • The fourth teaspoon of Tulsi powders with honey mixed licking in the morning also provides benefits in migraine
  • The migraine patient should stay away from high protein lubricated food. It is very beneficial to eat more fruits, vegetables and untrained cereals regularly
  • Eat 12 grams of jaggery with 6 grams of country ghee and get benefit from migraine.
  • Chew 6-7 black pepper chewing gum, drink two teaspoons of native ghee from above, migraine gradually gets better.

October 01, 2018

Benefit of rooting android|Rooting Advantages and Disadvantages

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benefit of rooting

Benefit of rooting android

If you want to tinker with your gadgets, then rooting your Android phone can open up a whole new world.  Android OS was always very customizable, You will not access all function due to, limitations set by your carrier or the manufacturer of your phone. Rooting, also known as jailbreaking, allows you to access all the settings on your phone, most of which are not accessible on non-rooted phones. This is a complex process, however, and if anything done incorrectly, then your phone may be brick. By doing the right way, however, you can unlock functionality and make your Android work the way you want it.
Note: The information below does not matter who made your Android phone: Samsung, Google, Huawei, xiaomi etc.
advantages of rooting

Advantages of Rooting

1. Latest OS updates

Your device manufacturer may not make regular updates on your device. But on most devices, there are custom ROMs developed by Android developers through which we can install new versions of Android.

2.Installing Custom ROMs

After you root your device, you can install a custom ROM or kernel, which means that you get a new device software-wise. In fact, this is the biggest reason for people to root their devices. Custom ROMs provide many system fixes and changes in your system and are generally more user-friendly than those with stocks. They are optimized for battery and display and update more frequently than stock ROMs.

3.Removing pre-installed OEM apps

Each Android phone comes directly from the manufacturer with a group of apps. Some of them are good, but most of them are useless, if not worse, and you can not even remove them. Once you route your device, all those apps can go away and you can get more out of your machine.

4.Blocking Ads for All Apps

Ad-blocking on web browsers is straightforward, but it becomes infinitely more complex on a smartphone or device. Pop-up is considered a regular problem in most games and apps, but rooting immediately takes care of it.

5.Installing Incompatible Apps

Some good apps cannot be compatible with your phone right now. But Android routing gives you access to all the apps you can find. Your phone maker has received the latest Android updates before releasing its own, and even before bonus features. You can run special applications that require root access, which usually feature more apps than other apps and other apps. These applications deal directly with Android system files, other Android operating systems can tweak more widely than other surface-level applications. For example, after uninstalling the root app, you can uninstall many applications silently.

6. More Display Options and Internal Storage

Most devices come with three to four default skins to choose from, but the rooting Android phone lets you fully customize and tweak your device's skins for unique performance to install new ROMs. Another big advantage is that rooting Android free up your device's internal storage. Some applications can be moved by default, but an un-root device usually prevents you from doing this for all devices. Once rooted, you can move an app from the symlink.

7.Boost speed and battery life

You can set CPU speed after you route your device. You can set it lower to boost battery life and set the maximum to boost Android performance. Some apps allow you to control the background activity of installed applications. Also, you can use apps like Greenfire to temporarily hibernate apps and allow them to run only when you need them. It's amazing.

8. Access to Root Files

When you are rooting the Android device, you have access to many root files like devices, sections, and parts of your device that will not be otherwise available. This is what gives you so much access and freedom to do whatever you have to do with your device. You can use existing apps or, with a little bit of information, tweak the files and sections of your device manually

Disadvantages of rooting

Disadvantage of Rooting Android

1. This Can Bright Your Device

One of the most common threats to the root Android device is done incorrectly, which could turn your device into an expensive, unused brick. To avoid this, you should always get your application from trusted sources, such as Google Play. If you are new to rooting then the risk of bricking your phone is also high. You can find some beautiful detailed tutorials on the Internet to root your device, but it can still be a complex task. If you flash a corrupt zip file or miss any step, then you will probably end up with a brick device.

  •  If this happens, then you have to either fix your device at the manufacturer's service center or if you are a power user, fix it yourself.

2. No further warranty

Another major disadvantage of Android rooting is the fact that you lose your device warranty Device manufacturers will not be covered after routing the device, or if you realize that the phone was brick when it was root. In some devices, you can still erase the device after rooting so that the device manufacturer does not know whether you root it or not.

3. Root and superuser usage

Due to root access, it looks amazing, and it is also fine until things get inaccurate. Wrong setting or taking a wrong place and the wrong time can cause big problems. Similarly, the CPU clock can also be a disadvantage. Overclocking or increasing processor speed can maximize performance but comes with the risk of heating your processor, which is the heart of your device.

4. Taking Risks

There are also risks that come with tweaking your device. What happens when you adjust some settings The worst case scenario is that you will brick the device, but another potential situation is that nothing will happen, which is also disappointing!

There is also the risk of getting the wrong kernel or ROM, which comes with its problems. Your device may be brick or dead. There may be a lot of time, money and effort to fix this problem.

5. Malware can easily enter

If you are using an application that requires root access from a developer or source, then you can verify that you can get malware on your device. The only option to stay away from it is to install apps from reliable sources only.

September 30, 2018

How to Save Battery Power on an Android and boost battery life

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boost battery life

How to Save Battery Power on an Android

Nowadays, The Android operating system which offers many interesting features like WiFi, GPS, and countless apps. Unfortunately, many features can take a toll on your device's battery power and cause it to be removed quickly. Fortunately, there are some simple moves that you can try to increase the battery life of your device.

A) Making Simple Changes

1. Turn on Power Saving Mode

power saving mode

 For most devices, you have to swipe down from the top of the screen to bring up the menu. Unless you have a power saving option, scroll down and select it.

  1. Power saving mode can slow down your phone.
  2. If you are getting instant notifications from social media applications, they will stop until you open the app.

2. Turn off WiFi, Bluetooth, and GPS if not in use.

save battery power
 All of these use battery power, even if you are not using them. For example, the wireless networking transmitter will continue to search for wireless connections on a regular basis until it is operational. It uses battery power, even if you are not browsing the Internet.

  • To turn off these features, just swipe down from the top of your screen. Scroll to the edge with the menu, and deselect the item.

3.Turn off any apps you are not using. 

save battery power
Close the app by pressing a back or home button is not enough; The app can continue to run in the background and may remove the battery power. You should access your device's recent and background apps and turn them off manually. This will usually ensure that they are not running in the background and using battery power.

4. Keep your phone in standby mode if not in use.

boost battery life

Just press the power button and the display will be dark. This will reduce battery power To leave standby mode, just press the power button again; Once this is up, you may need to unlock your phone.

5. Turn off the phone vibrate function. 

turn off vibrate

Press the Volume button up and down until you leave Vibration mode. Turning off vibrations for text messages can also be a good idea. You have to go to your settings, and then go to "Sound and display". If you are not getting settings for messages there, go to "Apps," and then "Messages."

B) Making Advanced Changes

1.Reduce the brightness of your display.

reduce screen brightness

Go to your settings, and select " display". Tap on "Brightness" and move the slider towards the brightness.

  • If you are using Power Saving mode, then the brightness of your screen may already be lower.
  • Reducing the brightness will make it difficult to see the screen out in particular.
  • If you are using the Internet, there may be a shortcut to adjust the brightness in the settings for the Internet.

2.Set your screen timeout to the lowest length.

decrease screen timeout

This setting tells the device to turn off the device after the selected period of inactivity. The short-term will use less power of your performance. The setting options differ from phone to phone.

  • You can find this option under your settings. Go to "display," and select "Screen timeout."

3.Use black background,if your device have AMOLED screen

black background

 The AMOLED screen can reduce the use of seven times electricity by displaying black rather than white or any other color. While searching on your phone, you can also use Black Google Mobile on to get standard Google results (including images) in Black Google[1].

4. Switch your device to use only 2G networks. 

If you do not want to access high-speed data, or you do not have any 3G or 4G network in your area, you can switch your device only to use 2G mobile network. You will still access the  EDGE network data and WiFi if needed.

switch network

  • To switch to the 2G network, go to your device's settings, and select "Wireless Control". Scroll down then select "Mobile network" and tap on  "only 2G network".
September 30, 2018

android performance|By simple tips to speed up my phone

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speed up boost android performance

Android performance tips

After the use of Android phones, 6 to 12 months android performance falling down (or do they?). A phone that was once a speed demon, began to feel a bit sluggish; Apps do not load quickly, it takes some time to pop up the keyboard, and the animations are turned on. Many people get older about the reality of their phones and start thinking about upgrading something new.
But before you assign a few hard earned cash to a new smartphone, there are some things that can be done to speed up your phone experience

Let's begin how its work
Clearing apps from the app switcher
Some people think that if they clean up apps from the app switching screen, which show the apps you are currently using, this will free system resources such as RAM. Although it is no longer available after 2008: Android has been managing RAM usage and system resources for years now. The OS automatically suspends and closes the apps that you are not using, releasing the RAM for any apps you are using. No user intervention is required for the process and works continuously in the background.
android performance             android performance

It's actually giving up more RAM available in your device by clearing apps from the app switcher which is recently opened.

Free up storage space

If you are running low on the internal storage space, your phone may be slow because the flash storage performance usually decreases when the storage is reached. And flash storage performance can be the fastest limiting factor, how fast apps are loaded, and how fast your phone is normally.
its good idea to make 15% to 20% internal space free for your android performance

On that, many Android apps rely on data caches to speed up the experience; If apps are fighting for caches space, then you will also see the slowdown.
speed android                speed andriod

To clear your cache data, go to the storage section of your phone's settings menu. From there, tap the cached data and click Clear or OK to clear the cache for each app. Often this can freeze many gigabytes of storage space.

Uninstalling and/or disabling junk apps

Many Android apps prefer to run background processes. The more apps you have installed on your smartphone, the more background processes you are running. Background processes consume CPU cycles, potentially slow down your phone and reduce battery life.
free internal space                 increase android speed

The best way to solve this problem is to uninstall apps that you do not use regularly. Skip all the games played once or twice, and delete any apps that you installed as a test. If your phone is only running background processes for apps that you actually use, then you have a simple experience.

It's also worth disabling any system app or Bluetooth that you do not use. Did your phone come with Evernote, Microsoft Word, or Facebook, but do you never use these applications? Go to the 'Apps' menu in the settings screen, find any apps you do not use, then click on the 'Disabled' button to get rid of your life.

Use a fast microSD card
Installing apps on your MicroSD card is a bad idea, and almost always leads to a slow experience. But sometimes the apps store data on the microSD card rather than the faster internal storage of your phone. To speed up these apps, if you want to extend your storage, you should install a fast MicroSD card in your phone.

For best performance, you should select a MicroSD card with a UHS Speed Class 10.
Class 10 MicroSD cards are rated for writing 90MB / s sequential, and this is usually fast enough for the smartphone.

Disable animations

One way to feel faster in using your phone is to remove all system animations. You will be surprised at how much this difference comes from, because many phones use long and attractive animations to improve the visual experience of their software implementation. Want to remove these animations to speed up the loading app and the screen?
developer menu andriod                      window animation  

To do this, you will first need to activate developer options. Go to the 'About' section of your phone and find the build number. Tap the build number seven times to activate the developer menu.

Then go to developer options, and find the following three options: Window Animation Scale, Transition Animation Scale, and Animator Duration Scale. Set all three options to 'off', and your phone will look a bit faster without any hassle.

Resetting your phone

This is the last resort option. Before dismay and before throwing your slow phone to something new, it might be worth giving a factory reset to see if it moves again. Often this miracle does, and restores your phone how it operates from the box. Down toward that It deletes all your apps and (optionally) your data, so back up everything before proceeding.
boost android                               boost android

The factory reset feature can be hidden in the various settings menu, although on most phones it is under the backup and reset title. There, you will get a factory data reset function. Click on it and follow the prompts to wipe your phone, then set it again from scratch.

Root Your Smartphone

Of course, if you have an older device, you will not be able to update to the latest OS, or you may have to wait until your manufacturer does not take it out, which may be a few months after it's released. One of the benefits of rooting is that you can update your OS and access new features without updating your OS. Other benefits include the ability to delete the built-in app, the ability to access your carrier-blocked features, and more. Read Benefit of rooting android

Use Chrome’s Data Saver mode

It's a tip that can not only accelerate your phone, but also save you valuable mobile data. Chrome's Data Saver mode compresses web pages on slow connections, reducing web pages at around 30 percent, especially on fast-processor handsets. This is an easy feature to enable if you use Chrome as your main web browser.
chrome data saver                     chrome data saver

To enable Data Saver, go to Chrome, open the Settings screen, find the Data Saver menu, and turn it on.

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