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android performance|By simple tips to speed up my phone

speed up boost android performance

Android performance tips

After the use of Android phones, 6 to 12 months android performance falling down (or do they?). A phone that was once a speed demon, began to feel a bit sluggish; Apps do not load quickly, it takes some time to pop up the keyboard, and the animations are turned on. Many people get older about the reality of their phones and start thinking about upgrading something new.
But before you assign a few hard earned cash to a new smartphone, there are some things that can be done to speed up your phone experience

Let's begin how its work
Clearing apps from the app switcher
Some people think that if they clean up apps from the app switching screen, which show the apps you are currently using, this will free system resources such as RAM. Although it is no longer available after 2008: Android has been managing RAM usage and system resources for years now. The OS automatically suspends and closes the apps that you are not using, releasing the RAM for any apps you are using. No user intervention is required for the process and works continuously in the background.
android performance             android performance

It's actually giving up more RAM available in your device by clearing apps from the app switcher which is recently opened.

Free up storage space

If you are running low on the internal storage space, your phone may be slow because the flash storage performance usually decreases when the storage is reached. And flash storage performance can be the fastest limiting factor, how fast apps are loaded, and how fast your phone is normally.
its good idea to make 15% to 20% internal space free for your android performance

On that, many Android apps rely on data caches to speed up the experience; If apps are fighting for caches space, then you will also see the slowdown.
speed android                speed andriod

To clear your cache data, go to the storage section of your phone's settings menu. From there, tap the cached data and click Clear or OK to clear the cache for each app. Often this can freeze many gigabytes of storage space.

Uninstalling and/or disabling junk apps

Many Android apps prefer to run background processes. The more apps you have installed on your smartphone, the more background processes you are running. Background processes consume CPU cycles, potentially slow down your phone and reduce battery life.
free internal space                 increase android speed

The best way to solve this problem is to uninstall apps that you do not use regularly. Skip all the games played once or twice, and delete any apps that you installed as a test. If your phone is only running background processes for apps that you actually use, then you have a simple experience.

It's also worth disabling any system app or Bluetooth that you do not use. Did your phone come with Evernote, Microsoft Word, or Facebook, but do you never use these applications? Go to the 'Apps' menu in the settings screen, find any apps you do not use, then click on the 'Disabled' button to get rid of your life.

Use a fast microSD card
Installing apps on your MicroSD card is a bad idea, and almost always leads to a slow experience. But sometimes the apps store data on the microSD card rather than the faster internal storage of your phone. To speed up these apps, if you want to extend your storage, you should install a fast MicroSD card in your phone.

For best performance, you should select a MicroSD card with a UHS Speed Class 10.
Class 10 MicroSD cards are rated for writing 90MB / s sequential, and this is usually fast enough for the smartphone.

Disable animations

One way to feel faster in using your phone is to remove all system animations. You will be surprised at how much this difference comes from, because many phones use long and attractive animations to improve the visual experience of their software implementation. Want to remove these animations to speed up the loading app and the screen?
developer menu andriod                      window animation  

To do this, you will first need to activate developer options. Go to the 'About' section of your phone and find the build number. Tap the build number seven times to activate the developer menu.

Then go to developer options, and find the following three options: Window Animation Scale, Transition Animation Scale, and Animator Duration Scale. Set all three options to 'off', and your phone will look a bit faster without any hassle.

Resetting your phone

This is the last resort option. Before dismay and before throwing your slow phone to something new, it might be worth giving a factory reset to see if it moves again. Often this miracle does, and restores your phone how it operates from the box. Down toward that It deletes all your apps and (optionally) your data, so back up everything before proceeding.
boost android                               boost android

The factory reset feature can be hidden in the various settings menu, although on most phones it is under the backup and reset title. There, you will get a factory data reset function. Click on it and follow the prompts to wipe your phone, then set it again from scratch.

Root Your Smartphone

Of course, if you have an older device, you will not be able to update to the latest OS, or you may have to wait until your manufacturer does not take it out, which may be a few months after it's released. One of the benefits of rooting is that you can update your OS and access new features without updating your OS. Other benefits include the ability to delete the built-in app, the ability to access your carrier-blocked features, and more. Read Benefit of rooting android

Use Chrome’s Data Saver mode

It's a tip that can not only accelerate your phone, but also save you valuable mobile data. Chrome's Data Saver mode compresses web pages on slow connections, reducing web pages at around 30 percent, especially on fast-processor handsets. This is an easy feature to enable if you use Chrome as your main web browser.
chrome data saver                     chrome data saver

To enable Data Saver, go to Chrome, open the Settings screen, find the Data Saver menu, and turn it on.

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