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Diabetes|Symptoms of diabetes and how to overcome from it


Diabetes is the problems of today's times, which have spread their horror in the whole world. Diabetes can be controlled, but it can not be eliminated by root. If diabetes is not controlled, its effect falls on kidney, kidney, heart and blood pressure. In diabetes, the amount of blood sugar or blood glucose increases in the body. This happens when there is a lack of Hormone insulin in the body or that insulin does not fit the proper rhythm with our body.
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what is diabetes

This disease is not caused by any virus or germ. Humans eat food for energy, this food turns into starch, then starch changes into glucose, which is transported to all cells, which gives energy to the body. Insulin is the work of transmitting glucose to other cells, and the insulin in the body of the diabetic is stopped or reduced due to which the amount of glucose or sugar in the body is high.

Types of diabetes

Type 1 diabetes:-In the body of diabetic patients, the amount of insulin is reduced, which can be controlled but can not be eliminated. In this, insulin is given to the patient from outside. By which their life continues to be normal. In type 1 diabetes, pancreatic beta cells can not make insulin, which is untreated. It affects diabetics and young people up to 19 years of age very quickly.

Type 2 diabetes:-In patients with type 2 diabetes, the amount of insulin in the body is low or the body is unable to use insulin completely. In this, the body makes insulin, but in the work volume and many times, they do not work well with insulin. Type 2 diabetes can be controlled by yoga, avoiding and proper eating. This diabetes is for adults

It is necessary to balance the amount of sugar in the patient's body of diabetes, because it can be life-threatening for the patient in both lower and higher conditions.
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Symptoms of diabetes

How can you tell if you have diabetes? The best way to find out is to test blood. But if you are facing any of the symptoms of low diabetes, then meet your doctor:

1. Constant urination:
When you have diabetes, your body is less efficient in breaking food in sugar. Normally your body re-absorbs glucose when it passes through your kidney. When you have diabetes, extra sugar (glucose) increases in your blood. Your kidney is forced to do extra work to filter and absorb excess sugar. The excess sugar that your kidneys can not absorb, is emitted in your urine. It causes you more urination, especially at night.
2. More thirst:
As mentioned above, when you have diabetes, your kidney has to absorb excess sugar. Which requires lots of fluid, so you feel more thirsty.
3. Weight Loss:
When you often lose sugar through urine, you also lose calories. In addition, diabetes can prevent sugar from reaching your cells to your diet.
4. Extra Hunger:
The excessive appetite of appetite, another symptom of diabetes, can come from a sharp fluctuation in the level of blood glucose. When the level of sugar in the blood decreases, the body thinks that it has not been fed and requires more glucose, which requires cells to function.
5. Fatigue:
Of course, you feel tired most of the time, because the food you are eating for energy is not being used by the cells. In addition, dehydration also increases your fatigue.
6. Blurred vision:
Seeing distorted vision and occasional glow of light, the level of high blood glucose is a direct result. Changing the level of fluid in your body can lug the lens in your eyes. In addition, when blood glucose is high, it changes the shape of the lens and eye. All this causes the lens to lose its ability and not function properly.
7. Deductions and Slow Remedies of Wounds:
There is another excellent sign of diabetes, the reduction and early recovery of the wound. Immune systems and procedures that help the body to heal, do not work very well, when your level of sugar is high.
8. Yeast Infection:
Since diabetes lowers your body's immunity; There is a possibility of infection and disease more. The diet of yeast is glucose and due to being too much in the body, it starts to succeed. The infection can grow in any hot, moist flakes of the skin, including:
- Between the fingers and toes
- under breasts
- Around sex organs
Women, in particular, should be wary of vaginal candidiasis infection.
9. Perception of tingling:
Your blood may cause excess nerve damage to sugar. You can feel the tingling and lack of sensation in your hands and feet, as well as see the pain of pain in your arms, hands, feet, and feet. You can also feel the burning pain in your arms, hands, and feet.
10. Dry mouth and itchy skin:
Diabetes can weaken your ability to fight microbes, thereby increasing the risk of infection in your gums. Can pull your gums away from your teeth, your teeth can become loose, or develop wounds or pus in your gums. Apart from this, due to dehydration, dry mouth and itchy skin can occur.

what not to eat

1. Due to diabetes, rice, meat, and milk powder should be avoided i.e. they should not eat.
2. Do not eat coriander, ghee, oil, butter etc.
3. Sugar, jaggery, honey, glucose, dessert, toffee, chocolate, jam, jelly, ice cream etc. should stay away from sweet foods.
4. In general, mango banana etc. should not be eaten.
5. Cold organics cold drinks, tea, coffee etc. should not be eaten too.
6. Rubber, sesame, potato chips, knives, sugar beet, etc. should be avoided for eating diabetes.
7. Keep distance from urad dal, whole, paratha, samosas, kachori, alcohol etc., is very important.
8. Foods made from flour should not be taken into drinking the butter, butter, ghee, chestnut, milk powder, fried fish, eggs, meat, and rice diabetes.
9. Foods that are sweet should not be eaten or eaten. These are mainly sugar, good, honey, glucose, sweets, jams, jelly halua, kheer, ice cream chocolate, toffee, papaya, khichu, mango banana, sweet potato, sugarcane, syrup, cold drinks, grapes, sugar made from sugar sweet milk, Rabri etc. are included.
10. Do not take cucurbit paratha samosas, urad dal, whole beet, owls, potato chips, potatoes, til etc. to eat diabetes.
11. The consumption of cold water, liquor or ice etc. is also prohibited.
12. The patient of diabetes needs to be afraid of fear, anxiety, unrest, etc.

Diabetic diet

1. Take two kilos of wheat, two kilograms of barley and one kilogram of gram together. The flour with this bran can be used for drinking diabetes.
2. Although we have mentioned about which vegetables should be consumed in diabetes also in the above-mentioned statement, but once again tell that vegetables like radish, gourd, parval, shalagam, tray spinach, coalfield, horseradish, Eat bitter gourd, fenugreek etc.
3. Fenugreek seeds can be taken from around 25 to 100 grams of fenugreek seeds in the morning, stomach or in vegetable, in addition to use or in addition to lentils or flour.
4. Tablets for sweets, asparites etc. can be taken for drinking sweetness in diabetes and tea, coffee, milk etc. can be eaten without sugar.
5. Intake of mutton soup, curd butter, soybean, cashew nut peanut nut, coconut etc. can be used to remove weakness.
6. Grains, yeast, dried fruits, mushrooms, cauliflower, etc. with bran can be consumed to obtain insulin, because the lack of chromium in the formation of insulin is interrupted.
7. In eating diabetes, it is important to keep in mind that one should not take food at least once in three to four times

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