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find my device |How to track my phone

how to find my device-As soon as we get a new smartphone, we start doing all kinds of new settings. For example, saving contact numbers of family and friends, downloading all kinds of games and new games by visiting the Play Store ... etc. But here we are going to tell you something that you should do before installing another app in your new phone. Let's know what those things are ... 

find my device app

download find my device first

In your new smartphone, you should first download the 'Find my Device' app. This app will be found on the Google Play Store. You may not have installed this app. But if you install this app, it can help you in the event of your Android phone being lost. Questions should have arisen in your mind how does this app work? Actually as the name of the app is known, this app helps you find it with the help of your last tracked location in case your phone is lost.

Sign in to Google Account
Sign in by visiting your Google Account. This will add your device to your account. Wi-Fi and GPS are used in this service to track the exact location of your lost smartphone and to record its location if desired. This app works best when the phone is lost.
For the 'Find My Device' app to work ...

Go to Google Play Store

1. Your lost Android device should be turned on.

2. Must be a sign-in in Google Account.

3. You must be connected to mobile, data or Wi-Fi.

4. Be visible on Google Play.

5. The location of your mobile should be turned on.

6. 'Find My Device' should be turned on in your mobile.

Easy to track a lost device
It's easy to track your lost device For the first time go to Here you will be able to see the last visited locations of your device on the map. You can also ring your device while sitting. This can help you find out the lost phone.

you can control with remote
There may be times when your phone is out of cellular or Wi-Fi service or you do not connect, but you want to keep your data safe. You can also control your phone from the remote. You can also delete your entire data from your device even when it is offline. After that, you can restore the data as soon as you connect to the device's connection.

Adding another device may be beneficial
Often we connect our other devices to our Google accounts. Doing this can be even more beneficial. This allows you to track your smartwatch, tablet or any other device even if you lose it. Now you may have figured out how important 'Find my Device' is to keep your Android device safe. We think this is the most important thing that you should first set in your brand new phone. So what's late now, set it up in your smartphone now

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