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How to:Access blocked sites latest tricks 2018/unblock site

Access blocked sites

However, recently the Government of India has blocked access to almost all the torrent and file sharing websites. As they say, you can not actually regulate the internet. There are lots of things to do to access Dhar websites in India, and I'm going to share some easy ways with you.

Now before using this tutorial to access torrents, please understand that there is nothing wrong with using Torrents, it is illegal to distribute copyrighted material. Especially in India, by opening a torrent website you can get in jail for three years. It has more words than the popular movie star expenditure to take life in the hit and run case. I fully support non-copyright movies, music and software sharing on torrents. For example, torrent sites have helped the Linux community grow. Similarly, many indie filmmakers and garage bands deliver their work for global exposure. Either way, we do not support the download or distribution of copyrighted material on torrents. If you choose to do this, you will be solely responsible for your actions.

Method 1
Step 1: search VPN app or application for pc/mobile in google
Step 2: now download one of them
Step 3: after download open this VPN
Step 4: select another country server
Step 5: then click on connect button
Step 6: that's it  you done
Step 7: now open any browser and search any sites, its open without any problem

 Here I given best VPN name and link below

Best paid VPN

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Best free VPN

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Windscribe VPN
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Hotspot Shield
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Method 2 

Step 1. Open Google Chrome of your PC and confirm that you  have the latest version of chrome installed

Step 2. open the link given below

click here chrome web store

Step 3. Now you see add to chrome in your right side

Step 4. Click on add to chrome at the right upper corner you see a pop-up.

Step 5. Now a process will start to add Browsec to your chrome, it will take just some seconds to complete.

Step 6. Now after completion of the process, Touch VPN will get added to your Chrome browser at the rightmost upper corner of your browser, just under the close button.

Step 7. Now click on it and then select a country.

Step 8. Now you can see multiple countries servers in the drop-down list.

Step 9. Select any server from it, and click on connect button, that’s it! you are done with this.
Step 10. now search any site on your chrome, its open without any problem

NOTE: It is only for educational purpose not for any type of misuse


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