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meditation|how to meditate latest tips

Meditation-meditation is the thing that awakens your sleeping powers. Make the most of your brain. According to science, we use our brain volume  only 2%.lets know how to meditate

What is meditation

In ordinary words, we have some rye grains in our hands. We scattered them on the ground. Now those donors have to crimp us, in this way we have scattered our brain in many places. Meditation is the medium through which we To remove the brain that has been broken at many places, remove those places from where they want to be placed. There can be anything in that place, for some people it is God, business for some, studies for some etc.

According to the spiritual master Osho - Meditation is the process of cleansing your inner self, trying to be fresh and young, attempts to live life completely. If you are scared of meditation, then it means that you are afraid of life, you are afraid of being awe, and if you do not resist at all, then it may be that it is because you do not take meditation seriously, Do not take it honestly. "

how to do meditation

How to do meditation

  • Sit back and relax in a quiet place and play soft music and count your breath. Start this 10 minutes in the beginning and gradually increase the time
  • You make a point on your wall in your house and watch it for 10 minutes continuously. This is also a good way of meditation
  • It is very important for your mind to be calm in order to meditate. Wrath in mind, the focus is not possible when irritation
  • Do all the work you are doing with complete concentration. Look, your mind did not think anything else.
  • By sitting with ease, ease the tension of every part of your body. And feel that all the tension from your mind and body is coming out with breath. And if you have pain in any part of the body or have any disease then imagine that your pain is going out of the body from the path of the feet. Doing this will make your body recover slowly
  • By the way, you can do meditation at any time. But up to 4-6 a.m., early morning is considered to be the best time for meditation.

11 Benefits of meditation

  1. Connected With God
  2. With meditation, we calm our own mind.
  3. It is said that the human brain is the store of immense powers. And through meditation, you can increase your sleeping powers.
  4. According to the great Spiritual Guru Osho, if you want to live your life in complete perfection then meditate.
  5. Carefully lead you a stress-free life
  6. You can complete your work in time
  7. The names of the people can easily carry out the necessities of their daily life.
  8. The body is more healthy
  9. Sleep well
  10. Students can do good studies in less time.
  11. Slowly increases your Confidence and concentration.

I hope this article is useful for everyone 

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