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Benefit of rooting android|Rooting Advantages and Disadvantages

benefit of rooting

Benefit of rooting android

If you want to tinker with your gadgets, then rooting your Android phone can open up a whole new world.  Android OS was always very customizable, You will not access all function due to, limitations set by your carrier or the manufacturer of your phone. Rooting, also known as jailbreaking, allows you to access all the settings on your phone, most of which are not accessible on non-rooted phones. This is a complex process, however, and if anything done incorrectly, then your phone may be brick. By doing the right way, however, you can unlock functionality and make your Android work the way you want it.
Note: The information below does not matter who made your Android phone: Samsung, Google, Huawei, xiaomi etc.
advantages of rooting

Advantages of Rooting

1. Latest OS updates

Your device manufacturer may not make regular updates on your device. But on most devices, there are custom ROMs developed by Android developers through which we can install new versions of Android.

2.Installing Custom ROMs

After you root your device, you can install a custom ROM or kernel, which means that you get a new device software-wise. In fact, this is the biggest reason for people to root their devices. Custom ROMs provide many system fixes and changes in your system and are generally more user-friendly than those with stocks. They are optimized for battery and display and update more frequently than stock ROMs.

3.Removing pre-installed OEM apps

Each Android phone comes directly from the manufacturer with a group of apps. Some of them are good, but most of them are useless, if not worse, and you can not even remove them. Once you route your device, all those apps can go away and you can get more out of your machine.

4.Blocking Ads for All Apps

Ad-blocking on web browsers is straightforward, but it becomes infinitely more complex on a smartphone or device. Pop-up is considered a regular problem in most games and apps, but rooting immediately takes care of it.

5.Installing Incompatible Apps

Some good apps cannot be compatible with your phone right now. But Android routing gives you access to all the apps you can find. Your phone maker has received the latest Android updates before releasing its own, and even before bonus features. You can run special applications that require root access, which usually feature more apps than other apps and other apps. These applications deal directly with Android system files, other Android operating systems can tweak more widely than other surface-level applications. For example, after uninstalling the root app, you can uninstall many applications silently.

6. More Display Options and Internal Storage

Most devices come with three to four default skins to choose from, but the rooting Android phone lets you fully customize and tweak your device's skins for unique performance to install new ROMs. Another big advantage is that rooting Android free up your device's internal storage. Some applications can be moved by default, but an un-root device usually prevents you from doing this for all devices. Once rooted, you can move an app from the symlink.

7.Boost speed and battery life

You can set CPU speed after you route your device. You can set it lower to boost battery life and set the maximum to boost Android performance. Some apps allow you to control the background activity of installed applications. Also, you can use apps like Greenfire to temporarily hibernate apps and allow them to run only when you need them. It's amazing.

8. Access to Root Files

When you are rooting the Android device, you have access to many root files like devices, sections, and parts of your device that will not be otherwise available. This is what gives you so much access and freedom to do whatever you have to do with your device. You can use existing apps or, with a little bit of information, tweak the files and sections of your device manually

Disadvantages of rooting

Disadvantage of Rooting Android

1. This Can Bright Your Device

One of the most common threats to the root Android device is done incorrectly, which could turn your device into an expensive, unused brick. To avoid this, you should always get your application from trusted sources, such as Google Play. If you are new to rooting then the risk of bricking your phone is also high. You can find some beautiful detailed tutorials on the Internet to root your device, but it can still be a complex task. If you flash a corrupt zip file or miss any step, then you will probably end up with a brick device.

  •  If this happens, then you have to either fix your device at the manufacturer's service center or if you are a power user, fix it yourself.

2. No further warranty

Another major disadvantage of Android rooting is the fact that you lose your device warranty Device manufacturers will not be covered after routing the device, or if you realize that the phone was brick when it was root. In some devices, you can still erase the device after rooting so that the device manufacturer does not know whether you root it or not.

3. Root and superuser usage

Due to root access, it looks amazing, and it is also fine until things get inaccurate. Wrong setting or taking a wrong place and the wrong time can cause big problems. Similarly, the CPU clock can also be a disadvantage. Overclocking or increasing processor speed can maximize performance but comes with the risk of heating your processor, which is the heart of your device.

4. Taking Risks

There are also risks that come with tweaking your device. What happens when you adjust some settings The worst case scenario is that you will brick the device, but another potential situation is that nothing will happen, which is also disappointing!

There is also the risk of getting the wrong kernel or ROM, which comes with its problems. Your device may be brick or dead. There may be a lot of time, money and effort to fix this problem.

5. Malware can easily enter

If you are using an application that requires root access from a developer or source, then you can verify that you can get malware on your device. The only option to stay away from it is to install apps from reliable sources only.


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