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Migraine|Symptoms and treatment of migraine



A  form of headache that is repeated or frequent is called migraine. Migraine is also called colloquial. Migraine is a sharp headache, which usually comes with sensory warning signs. People appear to have signs such as bright light, blind spot, tingling in hands and feet, nausea, vomiting and lightening and increased sensitivity by voice. The headache pain of migraine can last from a few hours to several days.

Symptoms of migraine

  • There may be complaints like nausea, diarrhea, and vomiting during migraine headache. Due to this, the food reaches late in the small intestine. That is, it starts to adversely affect the digestive tract.
  • At the same time during the migraine, the blood flow also becomes slow, causing the hands and feet to fall cold.
  • Medium to severe pain, usually limited to one side of the head but is capable of being on either side of the head
  • Pain is increasing during physical activity or when stress is occurring
  • Feeling sick and physically vomit
  • Increased sensitivity of light and sound, relieved quietly in a dark room lying.

Causes of Migraine

 1. Hormonal Imbalance

 Hormonal imbalance in women which occurs during the menstrual cycle. If a headache, especially migraine headache or a severe headache, occurs every month in a cyclic fashion, which is related to your menstrual cycle, which is related to hormonal balance in your system. If it happens at the same time every month, then it is very classical for a headache due to hormonal imbalances. 

2. Low thyroid

 They may also be due to low thyroid, a hypothyroid condition, where a person does not have sufficient active thyroid within his body cells - can not generate enough energy - and this may cause some swelling, some Mucus formation, and it can affect the brain. As the brain flows, you can get serious headaches, and this may be the cause of migraine headaches: less thyroid status.

3. Lack of magnesium

Another common cause of migraine headache is the lack of magnesium. Magnesium is a natural mineral that requires a healthy cellular process and biochemical processes in cells. Low magnesium may cause migraine headaches because, when a person has low magnesium, they can get the spam of their arteries. It can happen in their brain, and when this happens, it causes headache, severe headache.

4.Food allergies

 Another problem may be food sensation or food allergies. food allergies causes the release of histamine in the system, which can cause arterial spasm in the brain. This can cause headache,It is not uncommon for individuals to be allergic to one specific or many food items that can remove headache. Some people get it after drinking

5. Yeast growing

We see another problem with the yeast growing. Those who have yeast problems, they can usually be recurrent and chronic headaches. Yeast occurs when a person takes antibiotics because they are infected, and those antibiotics have not only killed abnormal bacteria but also healthy bacteria in the intestine. They grow yeast, so yeast creates toxic substances, which can cause some severe and weak headaches.

6. Stress can cause migraine 

 In addition, stress can cause migraine headaches. When people are in stress, their adrenal glands produce high levels of adrenaline. When they are in stress, we get a crowd of adrenaline - be very worried. It can cause racism - arterial dizziness - and this can lead to migraine headache.

Home made teatment

  • After migraine, grind cinnamon with water and apply diluted on the forehead. Remove the lip after drying it. Headache will be stopped after applying 3-4 coating.
  • Massaging the head in the migraine, dip the camphor in ghee and massage it with a light hand on the head for some time.
  • Mixing sugar in a butter, chew chewing tobacco also provides relief in migraine.
  • Migrating the lemon peel, putting it on the forehead, removes migraines.
  • Having a headache in migraine , listening to music in slow voices is very beneficial. To get relief from pain, listen to your favorite songs in a closed voice in the closed room, reduce headache and get relief from a migraine.
  • The fourth teaspoon of Tulsi powders with honey mixed licking in the morning also provides benefits in migraine
  • The migraine patient should stay away from high protein lubricated food. It is very beneficial to eat more fruits, vegetables and untrained cereals regularly
  • Eat 12 grams of jaggery with 6 grams of country ghee and get benefit from migraine.
  • Chew 6-7 black pepper chewing gum, drink two teaspoons of native ghee from above, migraine gradually gets better.

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