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Facebook latest Tips and Tricks 2019

Facebook latest Tips and Tricks

Facebook is the place where we can cheat form your friends and relations. Here people share his daily moment and some crazy videos. Facebook is the largest platform in social media where you can cheat from your friend in anywhere in the world but, the main thing is to secure and safe so, here we share some latest tips and tricks related to the facebook which is useful for you... 
facebook tips and tricks

Add Some Extra Security

It's a good idea to throw in some extra layers of security on your Facebook account. No, do not worry that someone will break into your account and start the Buzzfeed article "Likes" like crazy. But be concerned that someone can use the information they receive to steal your identity and send malware-fought links to friends or/or groups.

There are three smart things to save yourself, which you will find under Settings> Security and Login:

1) Enable two-factor authentication. Applying 2 FAs to all your accounts is a good idea. This means that if someone wants to access your account on a new device, they will also need access to your phone.
2) Get alerts about unrecognized logins. If someone login to your account with an unfamiliar device or browser, then Facebook will tell you.
3) If you get locked then nominate 3-5 trusted contacts. Trustworthy contacts are Facebook friends who can safely help you to gain access to your account. If you forget your password or lose your mobile device - or a dishonest person breaks down and decides to lock you is. Remember, if you do not trust them now, you can always change your trusted contacts later

Edit Your Ad Preferences

Do you hate any celebrities or personalities on Facebook? Some time ago, I had previously given a follower to Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. I was just curious about anything. But then I saw that advertising on Facebook feed started ... Change Come on, just say, I started receiving advertisements for things that were not really interested in me.

The Facebook business is built around the market to provide detailed information on the interests of its users, which alters Facebook algorithms on other things as well as actively following the celebrities and personalities. However, if you prefer something on Facebook that is slightly below your normal media diet, then you also have the ability to keep your advertising experience in check.

To curate your ads, go to Settings> Advertising> Your interests. You can remove just one interest by killing X to remove the right of each interest. Under the "Advertisers with whom you have spoken" tab, you will see all advertisers whose ads you have clicked and/or your information provided; Do not like anyone here with high bias which you do not like.

Under the "Which website or app you have used" and "You have seen" sub-tab, you can also choose to stop seeing ads completely from a particular advertiser. Unfortunately, you can not just "remove all"

Block Facebook Mobile Browser Tracking

You can not get out of tracking completely on Facebook, but you can take action on the web surfing personally. Opt out of Digital Advertising Coalition through a special third-party site. (You can run Adblocker Plus or other similar software before going to that link.) Follow the guidelines, and be sure to click on the box next to Facebook and you can go about your internet business without third Party advertiser your dizziness

See All Your Friend Requests, Ever

Have you asked all those people to be your friends who ignored or removed your request? Facebook keeps an eye on it Click the friend request icon (two people in Silhouette) on top of the Facebook page. You will see a list of suggested: "people you know". Click the "View All" link below. On the next page, click on "View Sent Request" under New Friend Requests (say you have no one). Then you get a list of people who hate you. Or maybe they can not see Facebook so much. Probably both.

Turn Off Autoplay Videos

Hate when a video starts without you playing? Kill that "feature" Go to Settings> Video and turn off auto-play video. state. you will not regret. If you do it on the desktop, it also turns off auto-play on your mobile devices, and vice versa.

14 Send Money Through Facebook

In the digital era, there are many services that will allow you to transfer money from your computer or mobile device, such as PayPal, Wenmo, Apple Pay and even Facebook (unless the sender and receiver have a valid debit card). Apart from this (and perhaps more interested in Facebook), these payments allow users to purchase products and purchase in-game on social networks.

Although this feature is heavily linked to Facebook Messenger, you can use it on regular Facebook too. To set it up, go to Settings> Payments> Account Settings to enter a debit card. Once accepted, you can send / and send money to another user via Messenger.

To use this feature on, open a pop-up conversation with one of your contacts (accessible through the new message icon (via the lower right-hand corner of your screen or via the new party's Messenger link) Top rail). Click the dollar sign ($) in a circle below the chat window to send/request money. Cha Ching!

Transfer Files Over Facebook Messenger

If you open the Facebook Messenger window - there is a small paper clip icon () with short-down on This allows you to add files-uploads it and sends the file directly to your computer. The receiver can simply click on the included link and download from there. Of course, never download anyone from a person you do not know. (On, the icon looks like a heap of pictures; Add files Hover over it to see the designation.)

Upload '360' Pics and Vids

You've probably seen the occasional immersive "360" degree photos (and some videos) popping up in your Facebook feed. On the desktop version, viewers can explore a field of vision in all directions using their mouse or keyboard. On mobile, users can pivot their device to look all around. It's not just for specialists—you also have the opportunity to upload your own 360-degree images and video. Use your smartphone to capture a panorama picture or "photosphere" and upload it to Facebook—the social network does the rest to make it easily visible to your friends.

Drive traffic to Facebook

If you are just starting, tell your current audience where you are. Chances are they are also on Facebook. Find more page choices on Facebook by following a follow up or stock button on your website or blog code. Go ahead and include links to your Facebook page on your other social media platforms.

And do not forget the real world: Your Facebook page URL should also be included in the business card and promotional material.

Schedule your posts

Continuous, quality posting will keep your audience engaged, but it is difficult to leave everything twice a day to create a smart, smooth, entertaining post with beautiful scenes. Especially when your target audience is away from many time zones. One of the best Facebook Hacks is to create some posts at the same time and they are already in line to use the Schedule Post button.

 Reply instantly with a bot

Response time is important when talking to people on Facebook Messenger. Facebook's Response Assistant will provide greeting text about sending messages to anyone on your page. It can also send immediate feedback to any incoming messages, so that people will know that you will be with them.

Click Settings
Click the message in the left column
Under the response assistant
To send an instant reply to any person who sent the message to your page, toggle the bar in Yes
Or toggle the bar in Yes to show Messenger greeting
Click Replace
Write your favorite message
Click Save

3. Convert the curious

Sending large invitations like your page can be a bit impersonal, or worse, spamming. Take the time to prepare a message that explains why someone wants to pay attention and wants to stay in touch.

Even better: you can easily invite those who have already liked one of their posts like the next step and your page.

To do this, simply click on the list of names below the post. In the window, scroll down and click the invitation button as needed. Do not be ashamed: These people have already shown support and interest in whatever you are doing.


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